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Behind me is the house of my favorite author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Behind me is the house of my favorite author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Cartagena, Colombia

I am an editor and writer with, book, blogging, online and E-publishing experience. On these pages you will find a compendium of my online presence as well as samples of my fiction.

Editing and Writing are my passions, skills that I have honed professionally for 15 years. I have an MFA in Writing from The New School University in New York City as well as a degree in Publishing from Emerson College. I pride myself on having invaluable skills such as an ear for company style and the ability to mimic other people’s written voices. I have a wide ranging portfolio beginning with my work as the Publications Editor at Brookview House, Inc. a nonprofit where I edited the newsletter, press releases, and all the communications materials uploaded to the company website from 2004-2010. Later I wrote for Screenrant.com, one of the web’s most popular movie news websites.  My work for them can be found here: SCREENRANT.COM

Recently I discovered a passion for food writing and food sustainability issues and have been a contributor to Examiner.com as the New York Budget Meals Examiner where I publish recipes for the budget and environmentally conscious cook.

I also enjoy writing about screenwriting techniques and have work posted here and here at The Script Lab, a website dedicated to instructional screenwriting.

Recently I wrote for New York Minute Magazine. I wrote reviews of streaming television and film programming and I also wrote a lifestyle column about my wacky exploits living in New York City.

  • NEW YORK MINUTE MAGAZINE Weekly Film and Television Reviews
  • EXAMINER.COM        My blog dedicated to sustainable local recipes.
  • THE SCRIPT LAB       My articles about screenwriting techniques used in television episodes.


Check out a sample of one of my novels here: . And one of my short stories HERE.


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