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Behind me is the house of my favorite author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Behind me is the house of my favorite author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Me in front of the house of  Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Cartagena, ColombiaI am an editor and writer with, book, blogging, online and E-publishing experience. I have an MFA in Writing from The New School University in New York City and a Certificate in Publishing from Emerson College.

Recently I discovered a passion for food writing and food sustainability issues and have been a contributor to Examiner.com as the New York Budget Meals Examiner where I publish recipes for the budget and environmentally conscious cook.

In 2013 I wrote reviews of streaming television and film as well as lifestyle column about my wacky exploits living in New York City for New York Minute Magazine.

In 2011 I wrote for Screenrant.com, one of the web’s most popular entertainment websites.

From 2004 to 2010 I was the Publications Editor at Brookview House, Inc. a nonprofit where I wrote and edited the newsletter, the press releases, and all other communications materials uploaded to the company website.

I also enjoy writing about screenwriting techniques and have work posted here and here at The Script Lab, a website dedicated to instructional screenwriting techniques Recently Last but not least check out some of my fiction HERE.

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Examiner.com: NYC Budget Meals Examiner:

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"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." -Thomas Mann

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